Q. Where can I download a copy of the instructions.

A. The instructions are available here.


Q. My i-Kam Xtreme glasses are frozen/"locked up", what can I do?

A. You probably have a corrupt file or files in the memory of your glasses.
Follow the instructions in the video "How to Format Your i-Kam Xtreme". This will erase all the files on your glasses and restore their functionality.


Q. How do I erase the videos on my i-Kam Xtreme?

A. Download the i-Kam Media Player. Once installed, it has features for transferring videos to your computer and managing them on your glasses and hard drive.


Q. How do I set the date and time on my i-Kam Xtreme glasses?

A. Please download the iKam Media Player application. After you install the program, on the right side, at the bottom, is a "set iKam device time" button. This will synchronize the date and time of your glasses with the computer.


Q. How do I reset my iKam Xtreme glasses when they stop responding?

A. To reset the i-Kam Xtreme glasses:
With the glasses powered on, press the small button, inside the hole, above the green light, with a paper clip. The glasses will shut off and reset to factory settings.


Q. The lenses that came with my glasses are the wrong color/ are not clear. What do I do?

A. The lenses that are included with the iKam Xtreme have a protective film on them that must be removed befor they are used. To remove it, just peal it off of both sides of the lense.


Q. Where can I buy prescription lenses for my i-Kam Xtreme glasses?

A. You can buy them at www.iKamoptics.com


Q. My i-Kam Xtreme glasses turn on, the lights flash, and they turn off. What is wrong?

A. When the memory on the glasses is full, the green light flashes and they shut off. Try deleting some videos on the glasses and see if that solves the problem.


Q. How do I make a DVD with the videos I take with my iKam Xtreme that will play in my DVD player?

A. You can't just add video files and expect it to work in a set-top DVD player. You need to author the DVD, with a "DVD authoring program." I use a program called "DVD Flick". It works well, and it is "open source" which means free! If you find the program helpful, consider donating. There is information on how to do this at the bottom of the main program page.


Q. I am having a problem that is not covered in this FAQ. What do I do?

A. Please fill ont a support ticket HERE. Someone from our technical support team will be happy to help you solve your issue.